Inox Metal Work


  • Inox bevel machine
  • Eletro-cleaning, eletro-passivity and inox marking
  • Inox analysis and test


  • Polish and fine finish tools

Cutting and abrasion consumables

  • Strip-it disks
  • Sandpaper lamellae and abrasive fiber (Scotch) with a hole
  • Abrasives with a rod of 6 mm
  • Soap and polishing paste for inox
  • Wheels of cotton cloth, sisal and flannel
  • Grinding disk 100×100
  • Grinding disk and abrasive fiber (Scotch)
  • System-R and System-S Adapter disks
  • Abrasivos em trizact
  • Wire brush
  • Sanding sheets
  • Abrasive foam
  • Rolls and sheets of abrasive fiber (Scotch)
  • Cintas abrasivas em zircórnio, óxido de alumínio, manta abrasiva e trizact para máquinas de trabalhar
  • Trizact abrasive straps for inox working machines
  • Abrasive straps on abrasive fiber (Scotch) for inox working machines
  • Cintas abrasivas em zircórnio e óxido de alumínio para máquinas de trabalhar inox
  • Felt straps

Accessory and Other Chemicals

  • Chemicals for stainless steel treatment
    • Inox paint stripper
    • Inox passivates
    • Inox decapassivates
    • Inox degreaser
    • Inox polishes
    • Inox protectors
    • Welding picking gel for stainless steel